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Song Library

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Title Song Title
Pelle Carlberg 1983 (Pelle and Sebastian)
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash 1970 Monte Carlo
Butch Ross 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Third World 1865 (96 degrees in the Shade)
Pennywise 18 Soldiers
Saving Abel 18 Days
Red Stick Ramblers 16 Tons
Tennessee Ernie Ford 16 Tons
Tori Amos 16 Shades of Blue
Los Lonely Boys 16 Monkeys
Decemberists, The 16 Military Wives
Radiohead 15 Step
Greenskeepers 15 Minutes
Laura Cantrell 14th Street
Face to Face 14 Hours
Andreas 13 Moons
Postelles, The 123 Stop
Nim Nims, The 12 Years Old
Sarah Marie 12 Rounds
Alvin & the Chipmunks 12 Days of Christmas