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About Us

About The WAWL

The WAWL, established on-campus in September 1980, broadcasted with 200 watts of power to the Chattanooga region but now streams 24/7 on the internet. The format began as contemporary/Top 40 that aired 8 hours a day for 5 days each week, but the WAWL has since evolved into an alternative radio station. Over the years college staff and professors have helped steer the station. Throughout the years WAWL has served largely, and primarily, as an incubator for fresh radio talent coming through the doors of Chattanooga State.

The WAWL, located on Chattanooga State's Amnicola Highway campus, reaches a world-wide audience by streaming over the World Wide Web. As the Chattanooga, Tennessee area's only alternative streaming station, The WAWL is known for its innovative programming and an open venue for introducing new songs and local artists.

The WAWL's exciting and magnetic on-air segments span the spectrum from Reggae to Native American, New Age, Jazz, Metal, Punk, Local, hip-hop, Blues and R&B. The Chattanooga market is a "stepping stone" for many celebrated musicians, making the WAWL's focus on local talent a very popular launching pad for new talent in the area. The WAWL's unique alternative format also appeals to a broad demographic audience by filling a musical void.

Mission Statement

The WAWL's programming philosophy is one of commitment to a professionally operated, alternative radio outlet. The station is alternative in the sense that it provides its listeners with music, news, sports and general information. WAWL offers programming that its commercial peers have neither the time nor the inclination to produce.

The WAWL serves the student population of the college, as well as the city of Chattanooga and its neighboring communities. In addition to serving the Chattanooga area with alternative programming,The WAWL serves as a learning lab for students enrolled in the broadcasting degree program, where they are able to serve valuable hands-on experience in the art of radio broadcasting. The station is staffed by students who also man the news, sports and public affairs departments.

Underwriting: What is it?

Underwriting provides non-profit organizations with the funds needed for the operation and expansion of their programs. While the WAWL receives funding from the state that covers personnel costs and basic operation, additional funding is essential to propel the station into the digital age. Funds are also needed to cover the cost of other crucial upgrades for the station and the addition of even more diverse types of music.

Underwriting is different from advertising.

On-air underwriting announcements include the name, location, phone number, e-mail address, etc., of your business or organization, with a description of the goods or services you provide.

The announcement, by law, may not contain the following:

  • any call to action
  • qualitative claims or superlative descriptions about the goods or services
  • direct comparisons with other businesses
  • price or value information
  • inducements to buy
  • endorsements

Why support the WAWL?

You have the unique opportunity to help us fulfill our mission.

  • Due to the diverse nature of the WAWL's audience, your underwriting dollars are targeted to the exact demographic audience you want to reach.
  • The WAWL's diverse audiences have a large disposable income. The WAWL gives you the opportunity to reach an affluent audience, and still target the younger demographic that spends many, many dollars on music, entertainment, food clothing and more.
  • The WAWL offers commercial-free promotion, allowing you to send your message clearly and without clutter. We can guarantee a minimum 30-minute separation of our clients' messages.
  • The WAWL's unwavering support of new and local music sets it apart from other stations in the area. By supporting the WAWL, you generate a cutting-edge image and position your business with the WAWL's core listeners.
  • For over 25 years the WAWL has provided hands on training for broadcasting students at Chattanooga State. However, the WAWL must upgrade to digital broadcasting in order to continue its mission. Working at the station prepares these students to become the next generation of media personalities.

For Information Contact: Underwriting Sales with email or phone:

Email Don Hixson or call 423-697-4470 for information and inquiries.