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Title Song Title
George Thorogood You Talk Too Much
Joe Jones You Talk Too Much
Ben Folds You to Thank
Meat Loaf You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth
Telekinesis You Turn Clear in the Sun
Joni Mitchell You Turn Me On I'm A Radio
Filter You Walk Away
Kaiser Chiefs You Want History
Tremonti You Waste Your Time
Rod Stewart You Wear It Well
Grandpa Jones You Were Gone
Diego Garcia You Were Never There
Atreyu You Were the King, Now You're Unconscious
Trailer Trash Tracys You Wish You Were Red
Break and Repair Method You Won't Be Able To Be Sad
Matt Larson You Won't Let Me Go
Arms Akimbo, The You Won't See Me
Beatles, The You Won't See Me
Dar Williams You Won't See Me
Bad Books You Wouldn't Have To Ask